Project Sponsorship – Greenwich Energy & Company sponsors projects as a major investor and then expends the necessary resources needed to implement project activities. Greenwich Energy & Company has a proven implementation track record, which includes some of the pioneering deals in privatization. Greenwich Energy & Company possesses a deep understanding of the inherent business and commercial issues relating to energy and infrastructure projects and has a unique ability to create comprehensive solutions to complex development and financing problems.

Global Financing Techniques – Greenwich Energy & Company has extensive experience structuring global financing solutions, including: Export Credit and Trade Financing; Bond Financing (including 144A, Term B loans, and private placements); Leasing; and Cross-border Leasing; Counter-trade and Offset; Forfait; and Bilateral and Multilateral Agency Financing.

Financial Modeling – Greenwich Energy & Company has developed sophisticated proprietary models that have gained universal acceptance by developers, bankers, and international rating agencies. Greenwich Energy & Company 's models follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and address technical complexity while meeting the diverse needs of developers, lenders, investors, regulators, and accountants.

Structured Financial Products – Greenwich Energy & Company has demonstrated its ability to offer unique and creative solutions by leveraging our expertise in complex financial instruments and derivatives.

Risk Management – Greenwich Energy & Company's core competency of risk management is achieved through the use of structured commercial contracts, innovative financial instruments and deep knowledge of insurance products. This expertise results in projects where the risks have been clearly identified and mitigated to the greatest extent possible.